Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get cho' Kids!

Get cho' Kids by Wanda Jefferson
Featured in "The Blue Book" available for pre-order and fully available on 4/13 (Kindle Edition)

Get cho' Kids
ripping and running the streets
selling drugs out cho' house
swapping HIV

Get cho' Kids
robbing and pillaging like savages
showing all they cooties and asses
thinking its all attractive

Get cho' Kids
aborting all the babies
fat and lazy
eating errrr'vrything with gravy

Get cho' Kids
playing all those terror games
killing people and takin' names
having all those baby mamas to claim

Get cho' Kids
while your out doin' you
your kids are wreaking havoc boo
while you buy new clothes and kicks
realize cho' kids paid for it
from a drug addict
keep playin' ma and pa
as your girls give up their drawwwws'
playin' house in your house
sons making kids on your couch
goin' in and out of jail
while you celebrate
like your parentin' was great
you should be sad as hell

Get cho' Kids Mother,
Get cho' Kids Brother,
Get cho' Kids Sister,
Get cho' Kids Father,

Get em'
the streets
before the eats
before the sheets
before all the STDS
before the dope
before the coke
before the jail
before the tail
before the guns
before the dread
before the heartbreak

Get cho' Kids
befo' they dead.

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Don't Lump Me with Trump!

I have bipolar disorder and general anxiety. I am also agoraphobic and have seasonal depression. I deal with myself and others day in and day out, am I a bad person? No! Am I racist? No! Am I a jerk? No! Would I ever behave like Donald Trump? Absolutely not! In fact, I would lock my own self away if I did!!!!!

The article below should be read by one and all because a lot of people are calling this man mentally ill and I do not need the permission of the mentally ill to make this statement....On behalf of all, people of every race, creed, and color suffering from mental illness....I shout from the highest mountain "DONT LUMP ME WITH TRUMP!!!!!"

My featured guest is Dr. Allen Frances. Although he does not know it lol I really needed his words on today and his interview with Don Lemon on CNN was everything.#DONTLUMPMEWITHTRUMP

*Dr. Allen Frances, chairman of the task force that wrote the DSM-IV and professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University Medical College.


*from the article

"the wandasncredible late show"
Blog topics and featured guests that keep it REAL!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Black History Month 365 & Beyond!

February is more than just the shortest month of the year & celebrating a paganistic holiday about spending money on candy and sh#% you do not need. It is "Black History Month" and it gives recognition to all of those individuals in the Black community that contribute daily and positively to the history of Black people. However, let us keep in mind that we are not only Black during this month, but all year long. When our people contribute positively to our history they are creating historic events that will propel the future of our race forward. Do not think that this month's limited nature is a limitation on the greatness of Black people The celebration of being Black, should be every damn day of your life.

"Do something that will for generations to come help Black people to succeed, even if the heights of your life cannot be achieved."-Wanda Jefferson

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"the wandasncredible late show" 
Blog topics and featured guests that keep it REAL!


"the wandasncredible late show" 
Blog topics and featured guests that keep it REAL!