Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

People are a very peculiar species. We are the only ones that do things without even thinking about them including celebrating holidays. St. Patricks Day is one of those holidays where people are just wearing green and getting drunk but what is the holiday itself about???? I truly do not know myself! Listed are some links to at least give us some perspective on the event and a bonus my pal Kermit singing its not easy being green! Have a wonderful day, holiday, Friday and weekend!'s_Day

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Monday, March 13, 2017

What do you know about Alberta King?????

March is National Women's History Month...& Welcome to the wandasncredible late show!
Natoma Belton

A new to me, but very intelligent Sister on Facebook, Natoma Belton, posted eloquently and in few words this on her FB page "DID Y'ALL KNOW MARTIN LUTHER KING MOTHER. ALBERTA KING WAS SHOT AND KILLED IN CHURCH BY THE FEDS ? I'LL  WAIT👋 "and it struck me so as a blow to my brain, that I investigated it and found her words to ring true. How could I not have known this? My years loving my people and attending Black History courses from high school through college seemed pointless. I love Women's history and even Religious Studies so I made sure to take courses also in those areas....How was this never f**king discussed???? I am floored of my own ignorance and ashamed of my lack of knowledge, so much so that I did not even recognize the truth when it hit me in the face!!!!!!! Morally speaking, We must all know our own personal history, but also search to know Women's history in general...its important and it is mind blowing to say the least when you find out how much is left out of our so called "Higher Learning Curriculum".

Mrs. Alberta King

Here are some links to info regarding Alberta King which also reveal some other very startling tragic facts regarding the King family:

"the wandasncredible late show"
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

This month is not only National Women's History Month but today is International Women's Day! Let us all ladies make today a day to remember for women around the world!

This is a picture of me from last year. I feature myself on today by saying the old me is dead and gone. I've allowed myself throughout my life to be taken advantage of by men. I've allowed myself to work and not receive equal pay, to not support other women who needed help by sitting on the sidelines and not speaking out....those days are over! Let not one more day pass ladies without doing your part to create positive impacts in women's history! You deserve the best! Lets give all who stand against us ...HELL!

"the wandasncredible late show"
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