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Get your shit together ladies! No excuses! No bullshit! no discouragement! Just straight realness and truth! Fuck everyone that doesn't support you! We got you...come on over! Get your health on!

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DIY Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Nail Art....CRAZY NAILS AHHHHHH!!!

Hey Ladies....It's Mothers Day next Sunday and Teachers Appreciation Week.... so if your gonna get your Starbucks on.... and make this a Mothers day week too...Do you...and let your nails match....I love crazy stuff like a lot!!!! lol Enjoy!

Remember...Do your best and Fuck the rest!

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Get Your Read On Ladies!!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!! And $%#@*! Anyone Who Objects!!!!

What's up Ladies????!!!!! It has been a minute.... but a Sister has been working and getting her business on!

2016 and 2017...I can now see are years of me going through craziness and saying F.U. to a lot of people...places and things!!!!!

With that being said...let me show you what I have been doing to keep my mind focused and moving forward.......

My newest creation to hit the shelves  June 4th...will be a novel called She. Rape. Me.: The Beginning. This is the first novel in the series and it will be very different than a typical read. I refuse to give any spoilers as I am still writing it, editing and fine tuning its content but I will say...that its a knock your socks off best seller and if you want to pre-order it ....on Amazon.

If your going through a tough time in your life, need to unload, need to see what pain is like for know...get away from your own problems and just revel in another persons tea...then    "The Blue Book" is not only available NOW but it is in Kindle and Paperback Editions! I will leave a link below so that you can see both versions but this is the cover for the Kindle Edition!

Ladies...We go through a lot of shit and we deserve the best in life....Fuck getting our feelings hurt ....let's do us and live...It's teachers appreciation week and Mothers Day week...Let's show good Teachers and Moms....NOT the fucked up ones...FUCK THEM ...but the awesome ones.....some real love and appreciation......and most importantly....Remember.....Fuck anyone who is not helping us in the struggle! Happy Reading!!!!!!

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

It's National Poetry Month Poet Masters and Poetry Readers!

I am so excited for this month, that you have no idea! My book "The Blue Book" debuts April 13th and has been available for pre-order since March. This is the Kindle Edition of course but the Paperback Edition will be available about a week after.

This month is not only about my book but an homage to all of those who have paved the way with poetry. So I leave you with a poem from a favored poetess. She would come to my schools, School# 28 and School#4 when I was young, and volunteer her time...her poetry and I am creating my own poetry. The incomparable and my special feature.... Laura Boss!

I think how three weeks before surgery
I thought (as I cleaned my apartment in case I
Didn’t make it so my mother wouldn’t have a
stroke when she first saw my place) how one of the
first things my first husband’s
second wife did after their marriage was to
get two places in a mausoleum so they would be
“together forever”(though in the traditional Jewish
religion I’m still married to him since we never had
a Jewish divorce—just the usual civil one)
And I think how I don’t have a place to be buried—
no plot way out in Long Island  by my grandparents—
No plot nearer in Queens where my father and his parents
and his sisters are buried with only room left for my mother
What a pain for my kids at the time of grieving to
have to find some plot of dirt to dig me into—
How civilized if I am cremated and save them the
time and effort as well as cemetery trip—
lights on all the cars way out to Long Island
but the air conditioners probably off since the
cars are overheating from the ten-mile an hour
funeral procession—No, perhaps a plot closer
to their apartments –but then so costly for them—
Yes, better and cheaper to be burnt up and my
ashes given to them in a tasteful urn in brown clay—
or perhaps pink enamel with little rosebuds with
daisies if they want to spring for it—
to be placed on a mantel
But whose mantel
Will my sons fight over who will get my ashes—
Will the fight be over who has to keep this depressing urn
on their mantel ( neither has a mantel)—
And how will their wives feel to have their mother-in-law
forever parked in their living room seeing the
dust or unvacuumed floors, a constant recrimination to
them—though she was never a housekeeper—
And perhaps my lover of ten years will want the urn—
After all, he is such a collector of cardboard boxes that
his VCR or an electric fan came in—
Will my ashes be fought over—
Will they third me up
So that one might have the ashes of my legs
with their slight varicose veins—or my head—
or breasts—
My younger son who kept his bottle until
he was five probably would get my breasts
No, I see my lover with these—
He always admired them—
Now he can have their ashes—
buy me a pretty black bra from Victoria’s Secret
catalog and throw it in—take out the bra
when he yearns for me—
No, the ashes on the bra would mess up
his place and he hates all dust with a passion—
No, I see him taking my ashes –to the relief
of both my sons—and especially their wives—
I see him putting my ashes in a matching urn
that he selected so carefully for his cat Kate—
I see our twin urns on his mantel—
My fate to be there next to this cat I was so
allergic to in life—seeing some new lover of his in a jealous
fit after he tearfully tells her how much he loved
me after making love to her, this new lover
spitefully moving these two urns on the
bedroom mantel so that he is actually talking
to the cat when he remembers me—
and tenderly pats her urn and calls her Laura
(from ARMS: New and  Selected Poems)

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

People are a very peculiar species. We are the only ones that do things without even thinking about them including celebrating holidays. St. Patricks Day is one of those holidays where people are just wearing green and getting drunk but what is the holiday itself about???? I truly do not know myself! Listed are some links to at least give us some perspective on the event and a bonus my pal Kermit singing its not easy being green! Have a wonderful day, holiday, Friday and weekend!'s_Day

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Monday, March 13, 2017

What do you know about Alberta King?????

March is National Women's History Month...& Welcome to the wandasncredible late show!
Natoma Belton

A new to me, but very intelligent Sister on Facebook, Natoma Belton, posted eloquently and in few words this on her FB page "DID Y'ALL KNOW MARTIN LUTHER KING MOTHER. ALBERTA KING WAS SHOT AND KILLED IN CHURCH BY THE FEDS ? I'LL  WAIT👋 "and it struck me so as a blow to my brain, that I investigated it and found her words to ring true. How could I not have known this? My years loving my people and attending Black History courses from high school through college seemed pointless. I love Women's history and even Religious Studies so I made sure to take courses also in those areas....How was this never f**king discussed???? I am floored of my own ignorance and ashamed of my lack of knowledge, so much so that I did not even recognize the truth when it hit me in the face!!!!!!! Morally speaking, We must all know our own personal history, but also search to know Women's history in general...its important and it is mind blowing to say the least when you find out how much is left out of our so called "Higher Learning Curriculum".

Mrs. Alberta King

Here are some links to info regarding Alberta King which also reveal some other very startling tragic facts regarding the King family:

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