Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Granny Interview (Slavery/picking cotton/experiencing heaven)

What an eye opening interview. I am humbled.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Steve Irwin to Receive a Star On the Hollywood Walk of Fame Leaving Wife...

RealTalk..... I cried when I heard of Steve Irwin's death...He brought animals to the forefront and his family are wonderful.

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Training Usain Bolt & Serena Williams!!!

Whoa....they kick ASS!!!!!!...Imagine having this body for the Summer....Anyway what a great video and very inspiring!

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Classic Football Shirts

How Do You Wrap?

Hey Ladies....This shit really works...and now I am your go to Diva! So let's live love and live longer....I am sharing some other great articles I wrote on health and wellness! So check them out too! We got this!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Finally...something good for my gluten-free peeps! If your dieting or eating right...do some jumping jacks or make these on your cheat day. I love this man and his recipes are so genuine. I love his spirit and I adore how his website incorporates his values including gay pride. He makes me smile and he keeps it damn real which is hard to come by nowadays!

Check him out!





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Friday, June 23, 2017

Breakdancing Gorilla Enjoys Pool Behind-the-Scenes

I am all smiles! Get it Zola! You Go Boy!

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Bernie Responds to Republicans' Health Care Bill

This bill is totally disgusting and thank you to the Grandpa in my head Bernie Sanders for letting those Bastards know....this shit will not pass!!!!! Y'all Republicans better redo this shit and come back to the table...None of us are beat for the bullshit...so no more games...cover all American's especially the poor.

 We may not have great healthcare, but the least we can do is take care of our PETS or what I call my cat Ronnie...my fur baby! 1-800-PetMeds Pet Supplies Free Shipping $49

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

GoPro Awards: Insane Inverted Flight with Spencer Suderman

This is totally fucking awesome!

GoPro HERO5 + Karma: The Launch in 4K

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Plus Size Bikini & Lingerie Try-on | Summer 2017 | Best T-Shirt Bra Ever...

One of my fav youtubers...."Don't take shit from anyone"-Edyn Jacks

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Edyn is an avid supporter of Thrive Market and I am too!

What Happened to Charles Bronson?


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How To Make A GIANT Chocolate Eclair out of CAKE | Yolanda Gampp | How T...



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Preorder to get the best deal.....I know I did! For my kids of course lol

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods


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Adam West ....A Tribute to A Great Man!

A Shirtless Adam West

The Western Adam West

The Batman Adam West and his trusty sidekick Robin ( Burt Ward)

Mayor Adam West lol

The Full Bat-Signal Lighting

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Monday, June 19, 2017


I was sitting here thinking of my love for horror films and sorta grieving over the fact that there have been no real bone chilling films going on lately when I thought about Freddy.

This dude abused children and he was a serial killer of children...he was truly twisted. So when they found his ass, the townsfolk and got the opportunity to burn him to a crisp...they did. I do not condone violence but this motherfucker was doing crazy shit and to add insult to injury, dude comes back as a nightmare demon, what in the fuck was Wes Craven thinking?

Every single movie is completely bone chilling knowing damn well everyone has to go to sleep and I remember being a kid, watching that shit and being totally terrified to close my eyes. Needless to say though my love for horror blossomed over the years, and although that shit is still scary as hell, I love that its not corny as hell.

I also thought on the other characters in horror films too like Jason. He had a really fucked up childhood and in all actuality I was glad he kicked Freddy's ass. The many things Freddy did to him and that water scene with him remember all that bad shit of being bullied and teased literally made me tear up. He is one of the horror killers I actually think went on a rampage for a reason.

Of course my love for Michael Myers and Norman Bates will never wane either. There mothers we some fucked up bitches, I mean the shit was just understandable that they flipped the fuck out.

The whole thing with Chucky though has become obsolete. I mean do not get me wrong the first movie was scary as hell but then when this motherfucker kept getting resurrected, got a bride and a kid that shit was just ridiculous.

And that's not to say my favs and the ones I despise are not constantly resurrected in some unrealistic way but come on...he is a fucking doll, how he get another doll pregnant????

Now Hellraiser's, the leprechaun, critters,Saw,Cabin Fever and countless others I cannot remember but scare the life out of me too, they are on my least favorite list because its just like straight out of nowhere bullshit, but when I look back at all of them Freddy's ass really deserved his fate and alot of the others didn't do shit to deserve their treatment....Look at me favoring one killer over the other...as if??? lololol

Watch your favorite movies on a new TV

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The Elephant in the Room

OK so its been a minute since I really made an adequate post and that is strictly because I have been working really hard to make my life come completely together. When you are really on your grind its hard to do the things you really love the most....and for me that's writing....and for my late show....its me venting lol

So I honored my father on yesterday and of course all the real dads out there....but last and most definitely not least...I honored my father God who is the Father of all fathers....however I know plenty of baby fathers that don't do anything for their kids was out straight putting on a Fathers Day show like it was all about them when they know damn well it was not.

This is also the first year I honored no one personally like baby father wise and even though the kids sent their regards to him he never even had the decency to call them back or even text them appreciation which was even sorrier than his ass.

So my elephant is Fuck relationships I am rolling dolo for the rest of my life and now and totally psychologically scarred from trusting anybody again because I gave my heart to an asshole. He don't even have the balls to tell his family( whom I love to death) how bad he did me, all that he promised, how he doesn't pay child support and he never did not even holiday gifts or birthday gifts, he does not call his son or spend time with him, how he broke my other kids hearts  (I have 3 in a previous abusive marriage that I told this motherfucker about and he promised to never do me dirty) who trusted in him too and he is so low that he literally told me he doesn't want his son at family reunions or funerals because it would cause conflict with his ugly ass bitch.

This partial asexual kick makes me look at interactivity as sick and so if anything goes down in Miss Wanda's life...it will either be with a dildo or with a drive by cause I am not letting any other so called Negros around me or my kids for long...and hell no you cannot stay the night cause I sleep alone.

I am in so much pain and torment its ridiculous cause I really trusted ole dude...gave him my whole heart, loyalty and never cheated yet still tried to play me but its all good. I may still love him for now because the cuts are deep and fresh but best believe karma is a very evil scorned BITCH.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Fathers Day!!!

To God who is the ultimate Father and to my dad in Heaven with him...I say Happy Fathers Day!!!
Its gonna be a lot of good fathers celebrating this day today and I applaud them! But then there are gonna be the straight front-ers, donors, test-i-liars acting like they deserve that same respect and they don't.

I know the real from the fake so to the real Brothers in the struggle...Thank you...to the fake ones...F&%k y#u!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Get your shit together ladies! No excuses! No bullshit! no discouragement! Just straight realness and truth! Fuck everyone that doesn't support you! We got you...come on over! Get your health on!


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Monday, May 15, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

DIY Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Nail Art....CRAZY NAILS AHHHHHH!!!

Hey Ladies....It's Mothers Day next Sunday and Teachers Appreciation Week.... so if your gonna get your Starbucks on.... and make this a Mothers day week too...Do you...and let your nails match....I love crazy stuff so.....me like a lot!!!! lol Enjoy!

Remember...Do your best and Fuck the rest!

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Get Your Read On Ladies!!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!! And $%#@*! Anyone Who Objects!!!!

What's up Ladies????!!!!! It has been a minute.... but a Sister has been working and getting her business on!

2016 and 2017...I can now see are years of me going through craziness and saying F.U. to a lot of people...places and things!!!!!

With that being said...let me show you what I have been doing to keep my mind focused and moving forward.......

My newest creation to hit the shelves  June 4th...will be a novel called She. Rape. Me.: The Beginning. This is the first novel in the series and it will be very different than a typical read. I refuse to give any spoilers as I am still writing it, editing and fine tuning its content but I will say...that its a knock your socks off best seller and if you want to pre-order it ....on Amazon.

If your going through a tough time in your life, need to unload, need to see what pain is like for others...you know...get away from your own problems and just revel in another persons tea...then    "The Blue Book" is not only available NOW but it is in Kindle and Paperback Editions! I will leave a link below so that you can see both versions but this is the cover for the Kindle Edition!

Ladies...We go through a lot of shit and we deserve the best in life....Fuck getting our feelings hurt ....let's do us and live...It's teachers appreciation week and Mothers Day week...Let's show good Teachers and Moms....NOT the fucked up ones...FUCK THEM ...but the awesome ones.....some real love and appreciation......and most importantly....Remember.....Fuck anyone who is not helping us in the struggle! Happy Reading!!!!!!


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Saturday, April 8, 2017

It's National Poetry Month Poet Masters and Poetry Readers!

I am so excited for this month, that you have no idea! My book "The Blue Book" debuts April 13th and has been available for pre-order since March. This is the Kindle Edition of course but the Paperback Edition will be available about a week after.

This month is not only about my book but an homage to all of those who have paved the way with poetry. So I leave you with a poem from a favored poetess. She would come to my schools, School# 28 and School#4 when I was young, and volunteer her time...her poetry and read.....now I am creating my own poetry. The incomparable and my special feature.... Laura Boss!

I think how three weeks before surgery
I thought (as I cleaned my apartment in case I
Didn’t make it so my mother wouldn’t have a
stroke when she first saw my place) how one of the
first things my first husband’s
second wife did after their marriage was to
get two places in a mausoleum so they would be
“together forever”(though in the traditional Jewish
religion I’m still married to him since we never had
a Jewish divorce—just the usual civil one)
And I think how I don’t have a place to be buried—
no plot way out in Long Island  by my grandparents—
No plot nearer in Queens where my father and his parents
and his sisters are buried with only room left for my mother
What a pain for my kids at the time of grieving to
have to find some plot of dirt to dig me into—
How civilized if I am cremated and save them the
time and effort as well as cemetery trip—
lights on all the cars way out to Long Island
but the air conditioners probably off since the
cars are overheating from the ten-mile an hour
funeral procession—No, perhaps a plot closer
to their apartments –but then so costly for them—
Yes, better and cheaper to be burnt up and my
ashes given to them in a tasteful urn in brown clay—
or perhaps pink enamel with little rosebuds with
daisies if they want to spring for it—
to be placed on a mantel
But whose mantel
Will my sons fight over who will get my ashes—
Will the fight be over who has to keep this depressing urn
on their mantel ( neither has a mantel)—
And how will their wives feel to have their mother-in-law
forever parked in their living room seeing the
dust or unvacuumed floors, a constant recrimination to
them—though she was never a housekeeper—
And perhaps my lover of ten years will want the urn—
After all, he is such a collector of cardboard boxes that
his VCR or an electric fan came in—
Will my ashes be fought over—
Will they third me up
So that one might have the ashes of my legs
with their slight varicose veins—or my head—
or breasts—
My younger son who kept his bottle until
he was five probably would get my breasts
No, I see my lover with these—
He always admired them—
Now he can have their ashes—
buy me a pretty black bra from Victoria’s Secret
catalog and throw it in—take out the bra
when he yearns for me—
No, the ashes on the bra would mess up
his place and he hates all dust with a passion—
No, I see him taking my ashes –to the relief
of both my sons—and especially their wives—
I see him putting my ashes in a matching urn
that he selected so carefully for his cat Kate—
I see our twin urns on his mantel—
My fate to be there next to this cat I was so
allergic to in life—seeing some new lover of his in a jealous
fit after he tearfully tells her how much he loved
me after making love to her, this new lover
spitefully moving these two urns on the
bedroom mantel so that he is actually talking
to the cat when he remembers me—
and tenderly pats her urn and calls her Laura
(from ARMS: New and  Selected Poems)

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

People are a very peculiar species. We are the only ones that do things without even thinking about them including celebrating holidays. St. Patricks Day is one of those holidays where people are just wearing green and getting drunk but what is the holiday itself about???? I truly do not know myself! Listed are some links to at least give us some perspective on the event and a bonus my pal Kermit singing its not easy being green! Have a wonderful day, holiday, Friday and weekend!




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Monday, March 13, 2017

What do you know about Alberta King?????

March is National Women's History Month...& Welcome to the wandasncredible late show!
Natoma Belton

A new to me, but very intelligent Sister on Facebook, Natoma Belton, posted eloquently and in few words this on her FB page "DID Y'ALL KNOW MARTIN LUTHER KING MOTHER. ALBERTA KING WAS SHOT AND KILLED IN CHURCH BY THE FEDS ? I'LL  WAIT👋 "and it struck me so as a blow to my brain, that I investigated it and found her words to ring true. How could I not have known this? My years loving my people and attending Black History courses from high school through college seemed pointless. I love Women's history and even Religious Studies so I made sure to take courses also in those areas....How was this never f**king discussed???? I am floored of my own ignorance and ashamed of my lack of knowledge, so much so that I did not even recognize the truth when it hit me in the face!!!!!!! Morally speaking, We must all know our own personal history, but also search to know Women's history in general...its important and it is mind blowing to say the least when you find out how much is left out of our so called "Higher Learning Curriculum".

Mrs. Alberta King

Here are some links to info regarding Alberta King which also reveal some other very startling tragic facts regarding the King family:







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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

This month is not only National Women's History Month but today is International Women's Day! Let us all ladies make today a day to remember for women around the world!

This is a picture of me from last year. I feature myself on today by saying the old me is dead and gone. I've allowed myself throughout my life to be taken advantage of by men. I've allowed myself to work and not receive equal pay, to not support other women who needed help by sitting on the sidelines and not speaking out....those days are over! Let not one more day pass ladies without doing your part to create positive impacts in women's history! You deserve the best! Lets give all who stand against us ...HELL!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get cho' Kids!

Get cho' Kids by Wanda Jefferson
Featured in "The Blue Book" available for pre-order and fully available on 4/13 (Kindle Edition)

Get cho' Kids
ripping and running the streets
selling drugs out cho' house
swapping HIV

Get cho' Kids
robbing and pillaging like savages
showing all they cooties and asses
thinking its all attractive

Get cho' Kids
aborting all the babies
fat and lazy
eating errrr'vrything with gravy

Get cho' Kids
playing all those terror games
killing people and takin' names
having all those baby mamas to claim

Get cho' Kids
while your out doin' you
your kids are wreaking havoc boo
while you buy new clothes and kicks
realize cho' kids paid for it
from a drug addict
keep playin' ma and pa
as your girls give up their drawwwws'
playin' house in your house
sons making kids on your couch
goin' in and out of jail
while you celebrate
like your parentin' was great
you should be sad as hell

Get cho' Kids Mother,
Get cho' Kids Brother,
Get cho' Kids Sister,
Get cho' Kids Father,

Get em'
the streets
before the eats
before the sheets
before all the STDS
before the dope
before the coke
before the jail
before the tail
before the guns
before the dread
before the heartbreak

Get cho' Kids
befo' they dead.

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Don't Lump Me with Trump!

I have bipolar disorder and general anxiety. I am also agoraphobic and have seasonal depression. I deal with myself and others day in and day out, am I a bad person? No! Am I racist? No! Am I a jerk? No! Would I ever behave like Donald Trump? Absolutely not! In fact, I would lock my own self away if I did!!!!!

The article below should be read by one and all because a lot of people are calling this man mentally ill and I do not need the permission of the mentally ill to make this statement....On behalf of all, people of every race, creed, and color suffering from mental illness....I shout from the highest mountain "DONT LUMP ME WITH TRUMP!!!!!"

My featured guest is Dr. Allen Frances. Although he does not know it lol I really needed his words on today and his interview with Don Lemon on CNN was everything.#DONTLUMPMEWITHTRUMP

*Dr. Allen Frances, chairman of the task force that wrote the DSM-IV and professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University Medical College.



*from the article

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Black History Month 365 & Beyond!

February is more than just the shortest month of the year & celebrating a paganistic holiday about spending money on candy and sh#% you do not need. It is "Black History Month" and it gives recognition to all of those individuals in the Black community that contribute daily and positively to the history of Black people. However, let us keep in mind that we are not only Black during this month, but all year long. When our people contribute positively to our history they are creating historic events that will propel the future of our race forward. Do not think that this month's limited nature is a limitation on the greatness of Black people The celebration of being Black, should be every damn day of your life.

"Do something that will for generations to come help Black people to succeed, even if the heights of your life cannot be achieved."-Wanda Jefferson

Great Prices! Great Quality!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brush Your DAMN Teeth!!!!!!

Gingivitis and Pyaria are real! If you do not believe me, look them up! I cannot believe so many ladies who do not think that tooth care is important. How can you let your mouth go yellow? Black? green? or you just straight up take them all out like its cute.....It is not! Tooth care helps you break down your food, and breaking down your food properly gives you the best benefits of getting the nutrients you need. If you cannot break down your food properly it leads to all types of issues ....gastritis, gallbladder issues, intestinal issues, and Cancer. Do you think God gave you teeth for nothing? I mean and it's a major part of your face....you can't smile in pictures or if you do you are scaring the hell out of people....and Lord knows I am not kissing anyone with a mouth like that ....yuck. If you must have false teeth that's a different story than being so negligent to your health that you just let them rot. They have so many products now for tooth health even if you cannot make it to the dentist....not only that but online help and tutorials on brushing and what to get. There is no excuse for having a better body, hair and lifestyle and your teeth are just jacked up. If you are one of these people, stop that shit today, get some help, see if you can get Medicaid or something if you cannot afford it...that bad ass breath from deep in your belly can come from the disease eroding that shit from your gums...and the sound of it just makes me sick to my fucking stomach! Brush your damn teeth!
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Are there any liquid coffee creamers left that are not loaded with cell-mutating ingredients? - NaturalNews.com

Are there any liquid coffee creamers left that are not loaded with cell-mutating ingredients? - NaturalNews.com

Be informed people! I love coffee and creamer but you do not think about it when your sipping GMOs? Here is an article that keeps it real and a site worth exploring!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

2 Men vs 1 Trump= America...You Fucked up!

There are just no words for Donald Trump, and although I predicted he would be president in my book "My View"....without voting for him ( TEAMHILIARY) I still think that his presidency is a mockery of all that our country has fought to be. I am not going to say much more but I am going to show two videos from two different men, D.L.Hugley (2017) and Montel Williams(2016)....as you watch these videos...formulate your own opinions, facts, data, or whatever as you will...but do realize the common message....America...You fucked up!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Celebrities that make you scream.....No!!!!!

I am so sick of some celebrities!!! No!!!! No!!!!No
  • Amy Schumer- You are just not funny!!!.... why would anyone ruin a perfectly good Goldie Hawn movie with you?
  • Jennifer Lawrence- the falling everywhere and being in every movie is just making me sick..please go and take several seats!
  • Ben Affleck- Go away! You ruin every movie you touch with only one exception "The Towne" that was awesome!
  • Matthew McConaughey- You suck at acting...I never say..." Remember that Matthew McConaughey movie..it rocked" I can only name one movie you have even been in and that's because it keeps flashing everywhere because no one wants to watch it...stupid Interstellar!
  • Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence/John Travolta/Tim Allen- Unless there is a dire emergency in the movie industry and NO ONE IS AVAILABLE..Please do not make another movie....EVER....we thank you for your service....you are however allowed to do dumb kid voices in movies .....just not in person ...no more in person movies!!!!
  • Kanye West/Chris Brown- Please get these brothers some psychiatric help...its not funny...its really just not funny how damaged they are in the head!!!!!
  • Jennifer Aniston- Just please stop dating or marrying or whatever...nothing is working dear...take a break!
Expect a part two to this ..... but later on in the year....I just literally barfed in my mouth.... so I must stop!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Humans are the real "Planet of the Apes"

Why do we take animals out of the wild…..cage them and then write headlines of their "ESCAPE"???..
Maybe it’s just me, but if you ripped me from my home and confined me to a space …unless I were a prisoner receiving punishment ….I would try to”ESCAPE” too!!!!!!…and I’d be highly pissed off…angry…and enraged at the nerve of someone or something doing that to me for my own alleged”SAFETY”
For humans it’s called “KIDNAPPING” and if a person killed or even injured their kidnapper we would be delighted…..but its pure bullshit for animals...how dare they not love being held against their will!!!!!
…….Here’s a thought lets cage ourselves and let the animals roam free….Lets see what the fuck the word”ESCAPE” would really mean….Stupid ass People...we are truly the "Planet of the Apes"!!!!!!

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reading F-bomb-ing Rocks on Medium!

Well, I was cruising through "Medium"( a corporation of magazines and news) sipping coffee and getting my read on, when I saw this post, that I just had to feature here. The guys name is SF Ali and the title of his post is "Fuck you, 2016. Fuck me, 2017".....Click on the link below to read the entire story (and do explore his other works as well) Oh and I have a Happy New Years present for you....Do you know what it is????.....No! It's not that ...geeze people the year just started lmao.....It is however a snippet from his story above the link....to intrigue your minds eye!.....Don't say I never gave y'all nothing lol

  "2016 was hell. I spent the greater half of it homeless after being evicted last summer (2015), learning how to survive on the streets of Manhattan most nights: how to get by on a few dollars a day (I subsisted on countless dollar pizza slices on West 4th and 6th Avenue and countless dollar bottles of Arizona cancer juice), how to not smell (antimicrobial soap is an excellent substitute for deodorant, not so much for antiperspirant), and how to sleep as comfortably as possible on empathetic friends and strangers’ couches, carpets, and bare floors, park benches, train car corner seats, and eventually the sidewalks of 31st Street and 5th Avenue [in case you were wondering, the sidewalk is loud as all fuck, vibrates with all the hatred of the universe, because how dare you sleep for free, instead of paying some bedbug palace Chinatown hotel/hovel/hostel $49 before tax and a $50 or $100 deposit?"

<a href="https://medium.com/swlh/fuck-you-2016-fuck-me-2017-a769ec15a929#.lfufl1xrq"></a>

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