Thursday, February 9, 2017

Black History Month 365 & Beyond!

February is more than just the shortest month of the year & celebrating a paganistic holiday about spending money on candy and sh#% you do not need. It is "Black History Month" and it gives recognition to all of those individuals in the Black community that contribute daily and positively to the history of Black people. However, let us keep in mind that we are not only Black during this month, but all year long. When our people contribute positively to our history they are creating historic events that will propel the future of our race forward. Do not think that this month's limited nature is a limitation on the greatness of Black people The celebration of being Black, should be every damn day of your life.

"Do something that will for generations to come help Black people to succeed, even if the heights of your life cannot be achieved."-Wanda Jefferson

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