Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get cho' Kids!

Get cho' Kids by Wanda Jefferson
Featured in "The Blue Book" available for pre-order and fully available on 4/13 (Kindle Edition)

Get cho' Kids
ripping and running the streets
selling drugs out cho' house
swapping HIV

Get cho' Kids
robbing and pillaging like savages
showing all they cooties and asses
thinking its all attractive

Get cho' Kids
aborting all the babies
fat and lazy
eating errrr'vrything with gravy

Get cho' Kids
playing all those terror games
killing people and takin' names
having all those baby mamas to claim

Get cho' Kids
while your out doin' you
your kids are wreaking havoc boo
while you buy new clothes and kicks
realize cho' kids paid for it
from a drug addict
keep playin' ma and pa
as your girls give up their drawwwws'
playin' house in your house
sons making kids on your couch
goin' in and out of jail
while you celebrate
like your parentin' was great
you should be sad as hell

Get cho' Kids Mother,
Get cho' Kids Brother,
Get cho' Kids Sister,
Get cho' Kids Father,

Get em'
the streets
before the eats
before the sheets
before all the STDS
before the dope
before the coke
before the jail
before the tail
before the guns
before the dread
before the heartbreak

Get cho' Kids
befo' they dead.

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