Monday, June 19, 2017


I was sitting here thinking of my love for horror films and sorta grieving over the fact that there have been no real bone chilling films going on lately when I thought about Freddy.

This dude abused children and he was a serial killer of children...he was truly twisted. So when they found his ass, the townsfolk and got the opportunity to burn him to a crisp...they did. I do not condone violence but this motherfucker was doing crazy shit and to add insult to injury, dude comes back as a nightmare demon, what in the fuck was Wes Craven thinking?

Every single movie is completely bone chilling knowing damn well everyone has to go to sleep and I remember being a kid, watching that shit and being totally terrified to close my eyes. Needless to say though my love for horror blossomed over the years, and although that shit is still scary as hell, I love that its not corny as hell.

I also thought on the other characters in horror films too like Jason. He had a really fucked up childhood and in all actuality I was glad he kicked Freddy's ass. The many things Freddy did to him and that water scene with him remember all that bad shit of being bullied and teased literally made me tear up. He is one of the horror killers I actually think went on a rampage for a reason.

Of course my love for Michael Myers and Norman Bates will never wane either. There mothers we some fucked up bitches, I mean the shit was just understandable that they flipped the fuck out.

The whole thing with Chucky though has become obsolete. I mean do not get me wrong the first movie was scary as hell but then when this motherfucker kept getting resurrected, got a bride and a kid that shit was just ridiculous.

And that's not to say my favs and the ones I despise are not constantly resurrected in some unrealistic way but come on...he is a fucking doll, how he get another doll pregnant????

Now Hellraiser's, the leprechaun, critters,Saw,Cabin Fever and countless others I cannot remember but scare the life out of me too, they are on my least favorite list because its just like straight out of nowhere bullshit, but when I look back at all of them Freddy's ass really deserved his fate and alot of the others didn't do shit to deserve their treatment....Look at me favoring one killer over the if??? lololol

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