Monday, June 19, 2017

The Elephant in the Room

OK so its been a minute since I really made an adequate post and that is strictly because I have been working really hard to make my life come completely together. When you are really on your grind its hard to do the things you really love the most....and for me that's writing....and for my late show....its me venting lol

So I honored my father on yesterday and of course all the real dads out there....but last and most definitely not least...I honored my father God who is the Father of all fathers....however I know plenty of baby fathers that don't do anything for their kids was out straight putting on a Fathers Day show like it was all about them when they know damn well it was not.

This is also the first year I honored no one personally like baby father wise and even though the kids sent their regards to him he never even had the decency to call them back or even text them appreciation which was even sorrier than his ass.

So my elephant is Fuck relationships I am rolling dolo for the rest of my life and now and totally psychologically scarred from trusting anybody again because I gave my heart to an asshole. He don't even have the balls to tell his family( whom I love to death) how bad he did me, all that he promised, how he doesn't pay child support and he never did not even holiday gifts or birthday gifts, he does not call his son or spend time with him, how he broke my other kids hearts  (I have 3 in a previous abusive marriage that I told this motherfucker about and he promised to never do me dirty) who trusted in him too and he is so low that he literally told me he doesn't want his son at family reunions or funerals because it would cause conflict with his ugly ass bitch.

This partial asexual kick makes me look at interactivity as sick and so if anything goes down in Miss Wanda's will either be with a dildo or with a drive by cause I am not letting any other so called Negros around me or my kids for long...and hell no you cannot stay the night cause I sleep alone.

I am in so much pain and torment its ridiculous cause I really trusted ole dude...gave him my whole heart, loyalty and never cheated yet still tried to play me but its all good. I may still love him for now because the cuts are deep and fresh but best believe karma is a very evil scorned BITCH.

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