Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brush Your DAMN Teeth!!!!!!

Gingivitis and Pyaria are real! If you do not believe me, look them up! I cannot believe so many ladies who do not think that tooth care is important. How can you let your mouth go yellow? Black? green? or you just straight up take them all out like its cute.....It is not! Tooth care helps you break down your food, and breaking down your food properly gives you the best benefits of getting the nutrients you need. If you cannot break down your food properly it leads to all types of issues ....gastritis, gallbladder issues, intestinal issues, and Cancer. Do you think God gave you teeth for nothing? I mean and it's a major part of your face....you can't smile in pictures or if you do you are scaring the hell out of people....and Lord knows I am not kissing anyone with a mouth like that ....yuck. If you must have false teeth that's a different story than being so negligent to your health that you just let them rot. They have so many products now for tooth health even if you cannot make it to the dentist....not only that but online help and tutorials on brushing and what to get. There is no excuse for having a better body, hair and lifestyle and your teeth are just jacked up. If you are one of these people, stop that shit today, get some help, see if you can get Medicaid or something if you cannot afford it...that bad ass breath from deep in your belly can come from the disease eroding that shit from your gums...and the sound of it just makes me sick to my fucking stomach! Brush your damn teeth!
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