Friday, January 6, 2017

Humans are the real "Planet of the Apes"

Why do we take animals out of the wild…..cage them and then write headlines of their "ESCAPE"???..
Maybe it’s just me, but if you ripped me from my home and confined me to a space …unless I were a prisoner receiving punishment ….I would try to”ESCAPE” too!!!!!!…and I’d be highly pissed off…angry…and enraged at the nerve of someone or something doing that to me for my own alleged”SAFETY”
For humans it’s called “KIDNAPPING” and if a person killed or even injured their kidnapper we would be delighted…..but its pure bullshit for dare they not love being held against their will!!!!!
…….Here’s a thought lets cage ourselves and let the animals roam free….Lets see what the fuck the word”ESCAPE” would really mean….Stupid ass People...we are truly the "Planet of the Apes"!!!!!!

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