Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Celebrities that make you scream.....No!!!!!

I am so sick of some celebrities!!! No!!!! No!!!!No
  • Amy Schumer- You are just not funny!!!.... why would anyone ruin a perfectly good Goldie Hawn movie with you?
  • Jennifer Lawrence- the falling everywhere and being in every movie is just making me sick..please go and take several seats!
  • Ben Affleck- Go away! You ruin every movie you touch with only one exception "The Towne" that was awesome!
  • Matthew McConaughey- You suck at acting...I never say..." Remember that Matthew McConaughey rocked" I can only name one movie you have even been in and that's because it keeps flashing everywhere because no one wants to watch it...stupid Interstellar!
  • Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence/John Travolta/Tim Allen- Unless there is a dire emergency in the movie industry and NO ONE IS AVAILABLE..Please do not make another movie....EVER....we thank you for your are however allowed to do dumb kid voices in movies .....just not in person more in person movies!!!!
  • Kanye West/Chris Brown- Please get these brothers some psychiatric help...its not funny...its really just not funny how damaged they are in the head!!!!!
  • Jennifer Aniston- Just please stop dating or marrying or whatever...nothing is working dear...take a break!
Expect a part two to this ..... but later on in the year....I just literally barfed in my mouth.... so I must stop!

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