Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reading F-bomb-ing Rocks on Medium!

Well, I was cruising through "Medium"( a corporation of magazines and news) sipping coffee and getting my read on, when I saw this post, that I just had to feature here. The guys name is SF Ali and the title of his post is "Fuck you, 2016. Fuck me, 2017".....Click on the link below to read the entire story (and do explore his other works as well) Oh and I have a Happy New Years present for you....Do you know what it is????.....No! It's not that ...geeze people the year just started lmao.....It is however a snippet from his story above the intrigue your minds eye!.....Don't say I never gave y'all nothing lol

  "2016 was hell. I spent the greater half of it homeless after being evicted last summer (2015), learning how to survive on the streets of Manhattan most nights: how to get by on a few dollars a day (I subsisted on countless dollar pizza slices on West 4th and 6th Avenue and countless dollar bottles of Arizona cancer juice), how to not smell (antimicrobial soap is an excellent substitute for deodorant, not so much for antiperspirant), and how to sleep as comfortably as possible on empathetic friends and strangers’ couches, carpets, and bare floors, park benches, train car corner seats, and eventually the sidewalks of 31st Street and 5th Avenue [in case you were wondering, the sidewalk is loud as all fuck, vibrates with all the hatred of the universe, because how dare you sleep for free, instead of paying some bedbug palace Chinatown hotel/hovel/hostel $49 before tax and a $50 or $100 deposit?"

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