Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!!!!!2017 Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish everyone a safe, happy and very bountiful new year.....we damn sure need it! As for me I will be sleeping.....why do you ask? Because, I have been up all night, trying to figure out how to make YouTube videos, and add things, and subtract others, until when I hit the bed honey...... its gonna be 2017 when I wake up! All food is cooked...the kids will be happy and masquerading around my house...but Mommy Wanda just wants to curl up, and have a long talk with Jesus in her sleep, so I can wake up refreshed and anew......and back on my work grind.

I will post the two videos I worked on today...they mostly sum me up in a nutshell....Paterson,New Jersey girl,born and raised, writing, blogging,creating art and designs crowding my head...and all in between! When you have a bipolar mind, a smart mouth, a pulse for sex, a caring,open heart and a love for come up with me....and thank God there is only one "ME"lol

"the wandasncredible late show"
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