Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Hallelujah" your almost gone 2016 &"Fare The Well"-You Sucked!

I know a lot of good happened this year, but there have been so many deaths, until it just made the whole year suck.....I just cannot wait to see 2017....This year has got to condolences to every family who lost someone no matter what the reason....I cry for you truly I do......I can only think of Lord help us and Hallelujah...........

RIP to Leonard Cohen!..the song is "Hallelujah" and one of my favorites his lyrics are angelic and magical and  as I sit here just thinking of everything eyes can't stay dry.

My solemn advise is to love your family and friends while you can...tomorrow is not promised...and I mean that literally....Fare the well 2016!-------( You suck and we never want to see you again)!

”Fare thee Well” by God…aka Chuck….2016-RIP...Please!!!
Supernatural! Season 11-Episode 20

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