Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Letter To The Father that WONT PAY CHILD SUPPORT! Josi Denise

Honestly...Truly and Purely as an ice breaker...I searched the internet for something interesting to say to start off this blog. Believe me when I tell you, I have plenty to say, but I did not want to be so blunt ....yet....but I wanted this post to be blunt enough, for you to really know that real topics will be discussed here and not bullshit.

When I saw this and actually read brain said....BINGO! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! the real world. Most people avoid topics of real conversation or they discuss them so distastefully that it makes you judge them more than really hear what they are saying....

Click the link below....I promise ...your either gonna be pissed or sad....hey you might laugh....cry....take it personally or probably think this post is about you.....Ask me if I give a shit? Nope! I don't!....what I do care about is that this blog topic lets you know the truth....and the truth is --this is not your mamas type of late show!

Here is a sample of the article:

Ask yourself, aside from financial assistance, what else are you doing?
When is the last time you trimmed tiny little fingernails? Do you wake up before the sun rises to make sure your child gets on the school bus? How many hours do you spend each week helping with homework, and are you paid to do it? Are you holding your child’s hand at doctor appointments, and paying the $35 copay? How many meals do you plan, purchase for about $150 a week, prepare, serve to, and clean up after other people on a daily basis? How many nights lately have you been woken up multiple times because of your child’s nightmares? Do you know the name’s of your child’s friends, and how many play dates do you host at your house weekly, going through 3 $5 boxes of snacks in a couple hours? When is the last time you did 5 loads of laundry on a Saturday, paying for the soap and hot water and dryer sheets, and then did another two loads for good measure on Tuesday when a blanket was covered in vomit and crackers? How many days of work have you missed because of your child’s runny nose, and did you get paid time off? Do you know what stuffed animals they can’t sleep without and how they like their apples cut into slices without the skin? How many night lights do you have powered on each and every single night? Do you know how many $39 boxes of diapers and $12 boxes of wipes a toddler goes through in year? When is the last time you bought and baked a birthday cake and wrapped all the presents and paid for all the party supplies?
 For the full article please click on the link below:
"the wandasncredible late show"
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