Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Did Grandma ever have an Orgasm?

Quick answer...No!

Long answer................Throughout my years, I have found myself very fond of older women, not in a sexual way but with a feeling of reverence. For centuries, we have been considered the lesser species, not being allowed to do anything that men could do without be ostracized, demoralized, beaten or even killed. So in my 3 year span as a Certified Nurses Aide, I got the pleasure to talk to a lot of them...and yes this topic came up.
To my surprise, most who of course were now grandmas or great grandmas had NEVER had an orgasm! In fact they felt the word orgasm quite repulsive and against the word of God. Will you find me going into scientific data, research, statistics or other conclusive evidence in this post? Hell No! I just told you what they told me and we are going to talk about *that.(*I won't leave ya hanging though, I will post some articles to read at the end of the post)

I will not give names but one very sweet old lady confided that her husband we very well endowed. He just used to thrust herself inside of her and before you knew it she was pregnant. Year after year she was pregnant until was forced to get a hysterectomy and could never have kids again. After five kids, and her sexual complaints, he left her and she had NEVER had an orgasm. This lady was the typical little old lady you would see everyday. The coffee stockings, the hair net, the grandma smell with the very covered up outfit. But enough about that, did you hear me? Never not once did she have an orgasm, she thought it was just her place to please her husband and not receive any pleasure in return....and if you want to get into race...she was white...so no racial stereotype stuff please!

Believe it or not, I heard this story over and over again, in different nursing homes, from ladies of every race, creed and color, who had between 2 to 10 children! It was astonishing that these ladies had never enjoyed the pleasure of what God intended, they were married, they were devout but there is a reason why that pleasure factor is there, the devil didn't put it there....so why were they not allowed to enjoy it?

As I stated earlier, most were told that sex was a dirty word, or it was just for procreation, for pleasing there husbands or worse it was ungodly and that is just not true. And even though we should just blame men and get this post over with, they probably did not know what they were doing or should be doing to you either so its been one big crazy secret lasting a lifetime.

Honestly, it is not my business to get into whether someone is fornicating or adulterating or married or even delve into the LBGTQ sisters out there lives....but I must confess myself that I had never had one until my 3rd child was *3(*and I was in a new relationship). I thought all the thrusting, yelling, feeling good and imagining was it, until I experienced a brand new rabbit pearl dildo, from a sex party I went to. The feeling was so sensational until having sex without them is meaningless. I had been married, I had previous experiences, and I love the Lord (even though misfires were with everyone else and my first husband twice,removed thank God for divorce) but nope not even close to one...not at all.

I am a 80's baby, so lets get this straight, generations of women have dealt with this and probably still will if we do not get a better understanding of the orgasm. I implore all women who are reading this post to talk about this issue with others your age, read about it. research it, get a dildo if you want and talk about it with your partner. Today is a new day for women where there is so much information and sexual freedom to understand yourself and the ladies of old. 

When my mom was alive I even talked to her about it.....she expressed her lack of feeling much until her and my dad got kinky and explored masturbation (okay the mom thing is gross just because its my mom) and my grandmother who dared not talk about it must have experienced pleasure in her marriages but just never talked about sex or whether they were orgasms or not.

The moral to this whole post is that every woman deserves to feel what we should during sex, men do all the time automatically, so why should we be left hanging?

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P.S. Friends should not let friends have sex without feeling orgasms, so talk to your friends today...maybe not your grandma but hey if your comfortable..talk...do not let this cycle of "mis-pleasure" continue! I have attached a couple of articles that can get you started into the wonderful world of understanding the orgasm.

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