Friday, December 23, 2016

That Time Of The Month

I feel so *unbothered today...with a giant cup of anxiety...sprinkled in things that need to be jumping around like they are at the circus...and I am in my pajamas...dreading the thought of getting up...and hoping my bed doesn't look like a crime scene.

Ladies....its Christmas...there is so much going on....not including the whole holiday swing feeling that I should be having....instead it feels like my vagina is gonna fall out....I want everyone dead and I just want all the cookies of the!!!!!!!!

So with that being said ....I think I am gonna get some coffee....make sure I am clean as a babies some of my stash of Oreo's (don't pretend you don't have a stash of something from the kids) and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream....take two Aleve....catch up on my show " The Exorcist" and let everyone have at it for the day.

*(kids slang because I am so hip)

"the wandasncredible late show"
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